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Can We Teach Compassion?

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When a nurse says “The doctor will see you now,” the doctor might not really be seeing you. According to a 2013 study by Johns Hopkins University, a large majority of young doctors fresh out of medical school failed to use common communication skills with hospitalized patients. More than half of observed internists failed to […]

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Informed and Engaged Patients Experience Better Care Results

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If there were a super-drug that could reduce the mortality rate for patients with heart disease by 76%, it would be considered the medical discovery of the century. While no such drug exists, a program called Collaborative Cardiac Care Service (CCCS) instituted by Kaiser Permanente in Colorado has achieved those astounding numbers and saved lives.

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Implications of the 2.3% Device Tax Associated with Obamacare

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When the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, was signed into law in 2010, it contained a 2.3% excise tax on gross sales of medical devices. The tax applies to a wide range of products, from bedpans to the most advanced heart devices, as well as companies, from emerging healthcare startups to brand-name medical device companies. […]

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